Monday, 22 April 2013

Dead Serious

So I was watching Supernatural the other day,.. you know? That show with Sam and Dean Winchester? The one where all the girls go - "OMG DEAN! ♥♥♥"

 And you know what bugs me with all these haunted story like shows? They all have to take place when  the guy's alone. Whaaat... are ghosts scared of the public? :P Are they sociophobics?
People - "Omg Ghosts!"
Ghosts - "Omg People!"
For example, in an episode I saw a while back, they had this blues guitarist playing his guitar in a bar when suddenly he starts seeing things in the darkness outside and leaves the bar, runs home (or into some shelter, whatever) and he's finally taken out there.
Now WHY would you wanna go out of a place where the thing doesn't harm you, and which is surrounded by people where if anything does happen to you, atleast people can react or something! :P (even though they'd be totally useless) Why die alone, cold and sober when you can die in a bar on a stage in front of people and hit national news ..right? :P
This Just-in "Man gets insanely high in bar.. Literally."
(no Sarosh, that doesn't make sense either) .. Agreed. What does, is running away from a completely safe place into a corner, where your chances of survival are point zero zero zero one.

Also! Another thing! If a house is haunted, WHY LIVE IN THE DAMN PLACE?!
Discovery Channel - A Haunting.

They claim these stories are based on true stories and real people. Well then, really people - you're dumb. You notice there's something wrong with the house, a few days later you start seeing and hearing things, a week later it makes its presence very known, by harming the family. Yet you still live there?

 "Oh because the house is so perfect! It's our dream house! We spent so much money over it! Where else do we go!"


Firstly, HELLLOOWW? It's not a perfect house if it has the freaking demon in it? (Unless you're Sam Winchester ofcourse)
And I bet your dream house didn't include a black ghostly figure appearing in every family picture.
And your "Dream" house is now a "Nightmare".
And you spent a lot of money over it... Oh big deal so you got a full 4D horror movie complimentary with the house..
Now is your money more important than your life? Get outta that place!! xP
And where else would you go? Gee, I dunno? Maybe try the heart of the hauntings!
.. Cause that's like exactly what these people do. #Facepalm.

EVEN in the video above! This ghost ... buster? .. analyst? ... hunter? ...psychic? ..seeker? ... catcher?  ... something-or-the-other? Whatever, sleeps on the bed in the room this ghost supposedly inhabits.

She later sees this no face figure lying right next to her... And it wasn't Slenderman.
Slenderman got offended.

Slenderman later sued the ghost.