Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Hazards of Making a Wrong Phone Call to Me...

Note: The following blog contains words in English that are typed out in a Hindi format.. In short, not many people out there may understand this... 

This happened a few weeks back...

I received a call on my phone from an unknown number one evening.. Not sure who it was, or it may be one of those automated messages advertising stuff, I let it ring till it got disconnected and enjoyed my AC\DC ringtone... A few seconds later, the same number called. Now I was pretty sure it wasn't one of those ad calls and was indeed a person calling..

"Hello?" I answered.

"Halloo!?" came the reply from the voice at the other end in a typical 'Marathi ishtyle', like she was trying to speak 'eengliss'

" 'Muze' Siddharth se baath kaarni thi "

Not knowing who the hell Siddharth was, I realized it was the wrong number dialed.

"Yeh galat number dial kiya hai aapne" I answered.

" Nahi mujhe Siddharth se baat kaaraao" ... ... came the reply.. ... .. O.o ..

I again repeated my sentence this time adding that I didn't know any 'Siddharth'

" Nahi mujhe Siddharth se baat kaaraao" ...

Now, slightly frustrated and amused that a person would still hang on, I decided to play around a little...

"HA! Siddharth! " I replied like I knew exactly what she was talking about. " Siddharth par guzar gaya na? "

" KYA!? " she shouted like she wanted to blow off the magnet out of my speaker. " KAB GUZAR GAYA?!!! "

"Yahi, kuch do-teen din pahile " I answered like I was the one who attended his funeral. "Waise aap unko kaise jante the? "

" Mei uski MA bol rahi hu "

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